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Workshops for Amateurs

Dear pastry lovers, welcome to this training workshop where you will be received in the same conditions as professionals. You will also be able to share the passion, the enthusiasm and the know-how of Jean-Christophe Vitte and his team.

In order to reproduce the same gestures at home easily, Jean-Christophe Vitte has planned to work with the same equipment you have at home.

3-hour workshops are thus proposed, as well as 6-hour Master Class. You will work on a different theme every lesson.

To share a moment of gourmet and affinity with your child, 2-hour workshops are also set up regularly. Supervised by a Chef, you will learn the techniques together to make recipes adapted to all ages. There is something for every taste!

Do you want to give pleasure by offering a pastry workshop in The Jean-Christophe Vitte training school? Contact us and ask for a gift voucher!